Tet holiday in 2021

February, 2021

Tet (Lunar New Year) fell on February 12, 2021. Therefore, HZV members had a long vacation from 10th to 21st Feb., lasting 12 days. We bid farewell to the Year of the Rat and greeted to the Year of the Ox. This year, the Covid-19 pandemic was forcing many people to change their way to celebrate Tet. Travelling and crowded events such as countdown and firework display were discouraged by the government in Vietnam. Most of people took this opportunity to spend more time with family in warm atmosphere of affection. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, HZV prepared for all staff to strengthen preventive measures such as wearing masks, washing hands, etc. during Tet and instructed everyone to declare their health status and travel history in details before returning to work. Prior to a long vacation, HZV held an online lottery on 5th Feb., 2021 with a purpose to give luck and happiness for everyone in the upcoming Lunar Year. Due to discouraged gathering during Covid-19, we generated the lottery on an online random tool. This activity was observed by Group Managers and the result was announced fairly via email to every members. Although the lottery was not in the bustle atmosphere as the previous years, it was still an excited event for all members to welcome challenging year of 2021.

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