HZV Year End Party 2020

January, 2021

As 2020 drew a close by various tremendous challenges due to Covid-19 pandemic, HZV held a year-end party on 22nd Jan. 2021 to reflect on the challenging year as well as to recognize individuals who had outperformed in the past year. We also took this opportunity to express our special thanks to all HZV staff for their coordinated attempt and deep commitment during this hard time. Actually, owing to the continued support of all staff upon HZV’s new countermeasures against Covid-19, the company could maintain the continuous operation. This time, although we could not have the participation of HZV Chairman from Japan due to the Covid-19, we still received his address through G.D. After the opening remark was delivered by GD, HZV award ceremony took place in all attention and congratulation of HZV family to individuals who had outstanding achievements in the past year. Next was HZV musical program with such amazing shows of HZV groups. Since the theme of musical program was rap songs, HZV groups really heated the stage and atmosphere by their performances which fully attracted the audience. Followed by was lucky lottery program in which all HZV attendees popped balloons together to receive their lucky number. This event really brought us a lot of excitement and hilarity. And hidden deep in the mind of each person, we wish for the year of 2021 to make further efforts, developing the company.

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