HZV Football Championship 2020

November, 2020

HZV Football Championship was held on 27th November, 2020 at the pitch in Binh Thanh district, HCMC. It was attended by 3 football teams: Piping team, Mechanical team, and Alliance team (including members from Civil and Architecture, Electrical & Instrumentation and Steel Bridge Group). This became such an expected event of all HZV members. The championship was opened by the match between Piping and Alliance team. After striking hard to the defense, two teams reached a draw 2-2. The second match was commenced by Piping and Mechanical team. This was the champion’s early final game. With skillful strategies and a better luck, Piping team won this decisive match excellently. Defeated in the final match, Mechanical team stepped into a contest with Alliance team. Luckily, they scored the only one goal and clinched the Runner-up title. The champion finally belonged to Piping team, the best goalkeeper and the best player were awarded to Mr.Tinh from Steel Bridge Group and Mr.Tin from Civil Group respectively. After a vibrant game day, HZV enjoyed the success of championship by a post-match party together.

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