HZV Company Travel in 2019

Jun, 2019

HZV had a wonderful company trip for 3 days 7th-9th June in Ho Tram, Vung Tau province. The trip this year had the attendance of staff from HZV Hanoi branch as well. This became an occasion to tighten the relationship between two offices. “HZV- BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE” was selected as the highlight slogan of the event. Departing from HMC Tower, we reached the first destination- Binh Chau hot spring. Foot bathing in the warm spring water and boiling eggs in mineral hot spring wells really attracted us and got all members away from hustle and bustle of city life. After that, the coaches took us to the resort followed by lunch. Providing three large pools, this was an ideal accommodation for HZV swimming fans. Also, the very exciting HZV swimming competition was organized with high spirit of sports by attendance of HZV swimmers and applause from HZV fans. On the second day, there came the team building event where solidarity and interaction among HZV members were promoted and celebrated. The spotlight of the trip might be the Gala Dinner, where we could enjoy awesome performances and fun games. The trip really remains an unforgettable memory for HZV family.

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