Dec, 2018

HZV’s 2nd football tournament was held on Friday 7th December, 2018 with the competition among three strong teams at the Binh Thanh pitch. Two of them were grouped by members from HZV Piping Group and Mechanical Group and the other was an alliance formed by members of Civil & Architecture, Steel Bridge, and Electrical & Instrumentation Groups. In a keenly-watched matches played among these three teams, it could be seen the passion and zeal burnt in each player. The first match was started by the kick-off between alliance and Mechanical Group, then followed by thrilling matches among three teams. Ultimately, Piping Group convincingly defeated the other two and prevailed winner after the hot play-off on blustery day. The sport event was more lively and vibrant with acclamation and applause from spectators and HZV football fans. At the end of the tournament, the trophy was awarded by General Director and hoisted into the air by Piping Group to celebrate the champion. Besides, the most valuable footballer award was honored to Mr. Tran Duc Dung from Piping Group. Also, the best goalkeeper was given to Mr. Nguyen Huu Tan from Civil & Architecture Group. After the tournament, all the players along with their fans enjoyed an exhilarating post-match party served with hotpot specialty highlighted Vietnamese cuisine- Goat hotpot.

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